Supporting Leeds Manufacturing Festival

The Leeds Manufacturing Festival is all about connecting the young people of Leeds to the many and varied manufacturers in Leeds, we need to raise awareness of the variety of opportunities that exist right here in Leeds for exciting careers.

A main part of the future for our business here at Leeds Welding are apprentices. They are the life blood for our future, a skilled, dynamic and varied workforce is how we ensure that we can continue to offer our products and services for the future.
We use some exciting new technology, we have a wide variety of welding methods along with robots and up to date CAD design machines to help us offer bespoke products in a timely manner.

The Leeds Manufacturing Festival is focused mainly in October, however, there are many events and ways to get involved leading up to this date

"We are delighted once again to be adding our voice to the Leeds Manufacturing Festival. Leeds is a vibrant area with so many opportunities for careers, that seem to be kept under wraps. We need to be getting the message out there to our young people to show them just how they can stay in Leeds and become a part of an innovative manufacturing future."
Richard Eaglen - Managing Director

 To read more about this festival and see how you can get involved visit: