LWC Sponsor Fabrication Workshop at Appris Training Centre

As we get underway for National Apprenticeship Week – Leeds Welding Company are delighted to announce that they have developed a very special partnership with another local training provider Appris, who specialise in the delivery of Engineering/Manufacturing apprenticeships.

Richard Eaglen, who is Managing Director of Leeds Welding, started his career aged 16, as a sheet metal apprentice, coincidently alongside Dean Coleman-Walker, who is now business development Director at Appris.

As a result, both companies are very experienced and committed to working with young people to ensure they see all the opportunities open to them as they start their careers. Working collaboratively they offer an excellent start to any young person’s career.

Leeds Welding are also now taking their partnership further by sponsoring the fabrication workshop at the brand new Appris Training centre, providing raw materials and bespoke projects that apprentices can work on to ensure they get real, comprehensive training ready to start their careers.

“With the support of the team at Appris, delivering a comprehensive and meaningful training programming has been much easier than we anticipated. They are always on hand to help with mentoring and student support as well as guiding us on the best way to help the apprentice fulfil the requirements of the qualification with real world on the job training.”

Every year Leeds Welding take on a handful of apprentices, selecting from applicants who apply to Appris and are delighted to say that these young people always add something to the workforce.

“We are delighted to be able to take on more apprentices. We’ve learned very quickly that apprentices add real value to the team and the culture here at LWC.
We now have a great mix of personalities and skills and even some of the older team members are learning from the younger ones. It’s great to be able to offer these talented youngsters the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

“There are tremendous opportunities to learn about all aspects of a modern engineering business whilst completing a fabrication and welding apprenticeship at LWC, from CAD/CAM technology to production engineering, purchasing and stock control, with the option to develop in an area of the business that is of most interest to the young person, once they have finished their apprenticeship.”
Richard Eaglen - Managing Director, Leeds Welding Group